Hosting website in cPanel but want to route email to external server.

Contact Form not sending email to remote server.

Many of the sites that we build are hosted on Linux servers running cPanel.  We have found cPanel to be easy to use and very reliable. 

Recently we had a customer change from locally hosted email to remotely hosted email.  Initially, the server would not route the email generated by the contact form to the remote server but would route it locally.

We had correctly changed the MX entries but it still did not work.

Happily, resolving the problem was simple with a little new knowledge of cPanel.

  1. In cPanel, click on the "MX Entry" icon under the "Mail" header.
  2. Verify that your MX Records are correctly entered and that the remote mail server has the lowest numerical value in the priority field.  Lower values denote higher priority and you want your remote mail server to have the highest priority.
  3. Now under "Email Routing" choose "Remote Mail Exchanger" and click on the "Change" button.

The email for this domain will now be sent to the external server